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STRETCHLINE partners with BOOLEANLABS to develop STRETCHLINE CUSTOMER PORTAL – a digital sharing space that enables their customers to see the order information and status of the business at any given time.

Stretchline is leading the way as the world’s largest manufacturer of narrow elasticated fabric and a major supplier of covered elastomeric yarn and textile coating and bonding solutions.

Customer portal is a digital sharing space which interconnects customers and clients to view information about the orders and status of the business. Such portals are used by corporate companies to ease the tracking and information sharing procedure with its customers and clients which also saves time and money. Stretchline, one of the well-known apparel industries in Sri Lanka reached us to develop a customer portal connecting local and international clients to one single portal.

This portal allows the customers as well as clients of Stretchline to interact and track, order, and see the progress of the order just by a click. More information like the expected delivery date, reference numbers, status etc. are also available in the portal which reduces the need for multiple call and check procedure by the customer and clients. The simple and sleek GUI of this portal allows the user to look at the most important details like the number of orders pending based on the type and date to be views briefly as soon as they log in which makes this portal user friendly and attractive. Our development of Customer portal in Stretchline has improved customer experience and allowed the Stretchline team to focus on more processes and complex tasks which will eventually lead to the organization’s development with time as this portal saves time and provides all information to the customers with a single portal interface.

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