Crowd Funding Website | Baltimore Corps, USA

BALTIMORE CORPS partners with BOOLEANLABS to develop CROWD FUNDING WEBSITE that provides financial support to the young individuals and groups in Baltimore area.

Baltimore Corps furthers equity, racial justice, and social innovation by connecting our community to career programs with full-time jobs, non-profit grants, and small business loans.

Crowdfunding is all about raising money for a particular cause which could benefit an individual or a group to progress in their lives or meet any critical needs they are unable to reach. Cause can be for variety of reasons such as to start a new business, help with medical needs, to create a proper career etc. Baltimore Corps, our client for this project from USA approached us to develop a crowdfunding website with the main objective to support young individuals financially by allowing anyone to fund in this platform.

To make this a success, back-to-back conversations were done to give the client what they expect and attain full client satisfaction. Development of this crowd funding website was initiated by designing the GUI as per client satisfaction. Functionality of this platform begins from creating a funding campaign to donating against a campaign without much hassle while having the option to select rewards extended by the partners of this site. With a modern and abstract look, this crowdfunding website attracts young individuals who want to raise and the donors to fund with satisfaction.

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